Mrs. Dickey's Class


******The red take-home folders will be the place to check for messages and papers.

Check your child’s folder at home each day and return it to your child’s back-pack. When you send money or messages to me, let your child know that you are putting something in his folder to give to Mrs. Dickey. Most children can handle this responsibility when they know that it is expected of them.


Here is our “specials” schedule:

ART     Monday 12-12:35 

MUSIC    W-F 10:10-10:40 

PE    T-Th 12:55-1:25 

PE      Wed 12:35-1:05

LIBRARY  Friday 1:15-1:45
CLASSROOM GUIDANCE  usually on a Monday, but dates vary


9:45-10:00       RECESS

10:45-11:35     LUNCH AND RECESS

8:15-9:45         LITERACY BLOCK